Convertkit Affiliate Program in 2020 : Amazing way to Make Money.

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Looking for the best email marketing software for your online business? And want the high paying affiliate program?

Try with Convertkit. It is the best email marketing software that grows the email list and makes the email marketing very easy. And Convertkit affiliate program pays you the high commission.

I saw a lot of people earning good money through the Convertkit affiliate program.

So let’s know about Convertkit and learn how to earn money through Convertkit.

Today I am going to tell you about the Convertkit, and it’s an affiliate program. I researched Convertkit, and I found a new thing to promote. You can promote Converkit as well as something new which is offered by Convertkit. By promoting it, you can earn extra money.

Right now, you will learn about Converkit, which is very easy to use, and it is featured in rich Email Marketing software. And you will also learn the few techniques to promote Converkit.

Disclaimer: Please note that this post includes affiliate links that provide a commission to me. It is at no additional cost to you. If you sign up through our affiliate link, then we get a commission. For more information, you can read my Affiliate Disclosure.

So now, 

Here are the things that I am going to cover now in this post:

  1. What is Convertkit?
  2. Key Features of Convertkit.
  3. Plans and pricing.
  4. What is the Convertkit affiliate program?
  5. How to join the Convertkit affiliate program.
  6. How to make money with the Convertkit affiliate program.
  7. Advantages and disadvantages of Convertkit.
  8. Final thoughts on Convertkit affiliate.

1. What is Convertkit?

Converkit is a powerful email marketing software for professional bloggers. It was created by Nathan barry in January 2013. 

It is very easy to use for beginners. It has a lot of features. This software makes email marketing very easy. It is proven that Convertkit is the best email marketing software for all levels of bloggers. It is also the best software for photographer, graphics designer, freelance writer.

This email marketing software helps you to grow your email subscriber list. It also helps to design and build customized email templates.

2. Key Features of Convertkit:

convertkit features
  1. Visual Automation.
  2. Drag and drop interface.
  3. Customizable forms.
  4. Email sequences.
  5. Landing page templates.
  6. Custom CS.
  7. WordPress integration.

3. Plans and pricing:

The price of Convertkit depends on the number of subscribers. They also have a free plan.

Free plan: $0 per month. You can manage 1000 subscribers.

pricing $0

The first plan starts from $29 per month for up to 1000 subscribers.

pricing $29

The second plan is $59 per month, up to 3000 subscribers.

pricing $59

All plans of Converkit comes with 14 days of a free trial.

4. What is the Convertkit affiliate program?

Many email marketing companies have an affiliate program. But one of the best is Converkit. It pays 30 percent recurring commission for each sale you make.

The Convertkit comes in the list of best recurring affiliate programs. The program has 60 days long duration cookie.

If a person buys the cheapest plan, which is $29 per month through your affiliate links, you will get $8.70 per month. This is not a huge amount, but it is a recurring affiliate program you will keep earning money as long as the person who buyed through your affiliate link stay with the company.

The Converkit pays the commission through PayPal. So you should have a PayPal account. If you don’t have an account, you can’t receive your commission.

You need to create a PayPal account. You can create it in just a few minutes. If you want to know the process of creating a PayPal account, I suggest you check my guide on how to create a PayPal account.

5. How to join with the Convertkit affiliate program and how to earn extra money.

convertkit affiliate program

Many affiliate marketers choose Convertkit to earn a passive income because it gives a monthly recurring commission.

And the Good News is now you can promote the Convertkit even if you are not a user of Convertkit. Anyone can join the Convertkit affiliate program and start earning money.

Many people are becoming a Convertkit affiliate, and they started promoting it.

It is very simple and easy to become a Convertkit affiliate. Only you have to follow the below-given process.

Visit the Convertkit site and look for the ‘join the convertkit affiliate program. Click on the button to sign up and fill the required details and then submit it. Once you get the approval, you can start promoting the Convertkit.

You can promote email marketing software. It is the best opportunity to earn money. The Convertkit also gives one another best opportunity to earn money. Convertkit allows you to promote ‘Creator Pass.’ Creator pass includes the four courses and filled with the teaching and tools you need to build a business. And the four courses that teach you how to build a business.

The courses included in Creator pass help many people who have the idea. Still, how to start an online business they don’t know the creator pass helps those people. If you also have an idea about online business and don’t know how to start it and need a success path, these courses help you.

The price of the creator pass is $199 and $299 only one-time payment, and if you promote it, you will get a 30 % commission, but this is not a recurring commission.

The creator pass is like a bonus for the people and a great opportunity to earn money. The Convertkit pays the payments on the second of each month through PayPal.

6. How to make money with the Convertkit affiliate program.

There are many methods to promote Convertkit email marketing software.

promote convertkit

1. Blogging :

Blogging is the best method to promote the affiliate program. You can promote the Convertkit on your blog. And the best thing about blogging is you can freely write an article of Convertkit, and you can use affiliate links.

You can write a full review of Convertkit and use affiliate links. 

You can also write a blog post on how to use Convertkit. Explain how Convertkit works, it’s uses, features, plans, and pricing, etc. 

Write a blog post on Why I recommending the Convertkit. Another way you can write a comparison with other email marketing software.

Writing a comparison is the most popular way to promote affiliates programs and products. You can compare Convertkit with,,, etc.

If you are writing the comparison, you should write all the information and compare the features and prices.

You should write the benefits of both Convertkit and it’s a competitor. The readers will understand more, choose the best email marketing software, and don’t forget to write the pros and cons.

If you write a blog post related to Convertkit, you can easily use affiliate links to promote it.

But your content should be of high quality, and you have to post consistently.

Another way to promote Convertkit email marketing software through blogging is through an affiliate banner. Suppose you have the targeted traffic on your blog. In that case, banner advertisements are the best way to promote affiliate programs through blogging.

If anyone clicks on the banners, they will directly visit the Convertkit’s site. And If they purchase the Convertkit, you will get the commission.

For more visitors on your blog, you can use Social media platforms. Whenever the people open social media, they first see the profile. If you mention your website link in your profile, the person clicks on the link they will directly visit your website.

You can use social media to promote Convertkit; if you have created the blog post about Convertkit, be sure to promote your blog post on social media.

You can share your content on various social media; for example, you can share on Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, Instagram, etc.

So this is the blogging method; if your readers understand your content, then they will purchase the affiliate program. And be honest while writing reviews.

2. Create a review video on YouTube.

This is another method to promote Convertkit email marketing software. 80% of people like to watch videos to understand that better.

You can create a YouTube video about Convertkit email marketing software. But on YouTube, it is challenging to promote affiliate programs because of too much competition. Their many opportunities also to create a helpful video.

Now YouTube has more than 2 billion users all over the worldwide. 

YouTube has a lot of users then think about how many views you will get on your videos. If a lot of views, you will get the more potential to sell more affiliate programs.

But creating a video on YouTube requires a lot of effort, time, etc.

You can give a full review of the Convertkit affiliate program; you can explain it’s features, plans, and pricing, why it is best to email marketing software. You can make videos of comparing Convertkit with other email marketing software. Give advantages and disadvantages. How to use Convertkit.

Give a good review video on YouTube. Gove, it’s bad points and good points both.

After creating a video about Convertkit, use the affiliate link in the description of the videos. And use a call to action in your videos, tell your viewers to ” like my videos,” “share my videos,” ” subscribe my channel,” and also tell click on the link which is given in the description of the video to purchase the Convertkit email marketing software.

You can also use YouTube to drive traffic to your blog, where you have written the review of Convertkit. Mention Your website link in the description of the video. If people click on the link, they will directly visit your blog and use the affiliate links in your blog post. The visitors will click on the affiliate links and or if they purchase the Convertkit through your link, you will get a small piece of the commission.

One more thing. The people go to YouTube to gain the knowledge and find the answer, so if you are creating a YouTube video, clear all people’s doubts.

So this is the method to promote an affiliate program through YouTube.

3. Promote convertkit through an Email sequence.

An email sequence is an autoresponder that automatically sent emails to the people on your email list.

The email will directly be sent your content to their inboxes, and they don’t require to visit your site. They will get the affiliate link to their inboxes. And if they click on the affiliate link, they will visit the Convertkit’s site, and if they buy the convertkit, you will get the commission. And email will develop a relationship with people.

You can use the Convertkit email marketing software to send your email. It will automatically send your emails to your list.

Now you have learned the three techniques to promote Convertkit. If you use these 3 techniques, you will definitely make a lot of sales and earn money.

7. Advantages and Disadvantages of Convertkit:


  1. You can do everything tagging, creating funnels.
  2. The automation saves time.
  3. Convertkit allows you different ways to deliver highly targeted emails to the subscribers.
  4. Easy to set up and manage.
  5. Very easy to write emails.
  6. The sequences are very easy to update.
  7. Excellent customer service.


  1. It is a little bit expensive. For example, the starting price is $29, and it is very higher than the other email marketing software.
  2. Lack of options to design the opt-in forms.
  3. Limited features.
  4. The landing page features need some improvement.

Final thoughts on Convertkit affiliate:

You can make $1000 a month as a Convertkit affiliate. You can make a significant amount of money, but you require you have to work smartly and require few techniques which I have written in this post like promote Convertkit on YouTube, on social media, blog posts.

Convertkit is the best email marketing software because it gives a lot of options to its customers. It heavily designed email newsletters.

It is an essential blogging software for growing online business. This software is for those people who don’t want to waste their precious time.

I hope you have understood this post and especially how to make money with Convertkit affiliate program.

You can start promoting Convertkit and earn a monthly recurring commission.

So if you have any queries and doubts, leave a comment below, and I will help you.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is ConvertKit better than MailChimp?

In short – ConvertKit offers a less complicated method of managing contacts, while MailChimp provides some more options. Both are effective, but to be honest, I prefer ConvertKit’s more straightforward way of managing lists – it just gets a touch too complicated with MailChimp. So Convertkit is better than Mailchimp.

How long is ConvertKit free trial?

The ConvertKit free trial is nice for one month freed from charge for up to 1000 subscribers. After thirty days, the value is $29/month (until you exceed 1000 subscribers).

Does ConvertKit have a free version?

And that’s the most point of the Free plan: it is a tool to assist you start. The Free plan includes unlimited landing pages and forms and email broadcast sending to 1000 subscribers. the opposite features in ConvertKit (automations and sequences) are available to creators on the entire plan.


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