How to get your Blog noticed in crowd: 14 experts reveal their strategies.

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So you have started your own blog. Maybe you have started it for money, maybe for fun. There are many reasons for starting own blog. But you want other people’s to see your blog and efforts.
For example if you are started your blog for making money and you are doing affiliate marketing through blog. But you don’t have traffic on your blog then you can’t do anything or you can’t do affiliate marketing. Because if you have many visitors on your blog means more customers and if more customers means more money.
If you have not enough traffic on your blog then in this case what you will do?
So you have to increase your traffic on your blog and you have to do something that other people get your blog noticed in crowd.
In today’s post I am going to show you some strategies that experts are using for getting  blog noticed in crowd.

 If you follow this strategies definitely you will find very helpful.

So let’s dive in.

So here are the 14 Advices that will tell you how to get your blog noticed in crowd.

1. Ryan Biddulph –

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First off, think abundance. We live in an abundant Universe. You never go against anyone because we are all one, living together, and there is no limit to what we do.

Help people generously. Be noticed by noticing people, by solving their problems with your content and by building strong bonds with them.Build your friend network.

Generously help top bloggers in your niche. Ask for nothing in return. Gain their trust.Abundant-feeling, generous, connected bloggers with big friend networks succeed in any niche.

2. Minuca Elena –

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If you want to have a profitable blog you should write useful, problem-solving content. Often time, new bloggers, write articles relying only on the information that they already know. They don’t further investigate the topic and that’s a big mistake. I understand that a newbie isn’t born an expert but if you lack experience in your field, then you should compensate by doing extensive research.

Don’t be like “This is all I know about this topic”. Focus on finding out problems people have, in your niche, and then find the solutions for them. 

Other than that, you should make sure you have no broken links on your blog, that your website loads fast, proofread your content to remove any grammatical errors and promote all your blog posts on your social media profiles. 

3. Gaurav Kumar –

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Influence Influencers:

In every industry, there are Influencers whose voice become the voice of customers. They can easily influence the majority of people. Influencing the influencers will help you to get into the inner circle of high authority marketers.

The ego baiting technique is the most effective way to influence the influencers. You can boost the ego by mentioning influencers and their brands or blogs in your upcoming blog posts, infographics, or videos. After publishing, you should also tag them on every social network to share the blog post. This is an easy way to grab attention.

By grabbing attention, you will grab opportunities such as social sharing and backlinks from top blogs in the respective niche.

This work as the best strategy as you are not buttering to connect with the influencer but hitting at the right spot to make them follow your blog, connect with you, and grab the maximum benefits of influencer marketing without marketing.

4. Nikola Roza –

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The best way to get noticed in the crowd is to deliberately target extremely long tail keywords. I’m talking 8-9 words long that most tools report as having 0 searches per month.

The truth is, there is search demand for them, it’s just that the tools aren’t picking it up.

Also, each extremely long keyword will usually have a few, but sometimes dozens of equally long, and equally non-competitive related phrases.

So even a new blog can rank for these, simply because they’ll be the most relevant result, and because there won’t be any competition.

How does this help you stand out? It helps because most bloggers target more popular queries with bigger search volumes, and these long tails are underserved on the market.

Serve your audience by targeting these unpopular queries and reap the rewards. It’s the fastest way to stand out from the crowd.

5. Ankit Main –

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The blogging landscape has changed drastically in the past few years. If you want to stand out in a crowd, you must focus on providing valuable content to your audience. Secondly, go out and promote your content. Leverage the most effective ways to connect your blog with the target audience, including SEO, social media, email, paid ads, and anything suitable for your expertise level.

Network with niche experts, like-minded people, and everyone who can push you in a positive direction. One more thing, 2020 is all about personal branding. People want to connect with people, not businesses. Try to build a personal brand; it’ll help you multiply your success in the future. 

Finally, be consistent. Set a goal, create a plan, and keep hustling in the right direction until you achieve your goal.

6. Anthony Gaenzle –

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“If you think blogging is easy, think again. There are millions of blogs currently online, and thousands upon thousands of those are in your niche. To stand out, you have to be prepared to lose sleep and work just as hard as you would for your full-time job.

One area where you should focus your attention to help your blog truly stand out is link building. Backlinks are a hugely important factor in how Google ranks websites. You need to focus on building links through tactics like guest posting, backlink outreach, using tools like HARO for SEO and creating top-notch, amazing content that organically gains links. Tools like social media can help spread the word and make people aware of your content, thus leading to natural links as well. Focus on building a diverse link profile by targeting a wide variety of sites.

Make sure those sites contain content that’s relevant to the content on your own site. And try to focus on gaining links from sites with 30 domain authority (DA) or higher to ensure you build a higher-quality backlink profile. And avoid buying links when possible. Buying links offers little control, and often the links you buy will come from low-authority sites, which can have the opposite effect.”

7. Sunita Biddu –

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A blog gets noticed for 3 things among its audience.

  1. The subjects and headlines
  2. The simplicity of design
  3. How practically useful is the content

However, these 3 factors come into the scene when users can actually find your blog in a crowd of millions of blogs.

This is what worked for me and my blogging students to drive people to the blog after they took good care of the above 3 points.

1. Creating visually attractive images with headline highlighted and post them on Pinterest. Making good use of Pinterest with an aggressive blog marketing strategy drives crazy traffic to a blog. Pinterest is a blessing to almost every niche on earth. Use it to believe it.

2. Twitter has a massive and underestimated bloggers and writers community. There are threads of writers sharing the latest or popular posts and you can drive tons of new traffic, loyal readers to your blog. Search with hashtags like “#bloggingcommunity” and be a part of these promo threads. It will take you a while to create your presence but all worth the time and effort.

3. Doing something rare and exclusive helps your blog to stand out. People just write and publish the text. If you can add a downloadable infographic or give away for most of your blog posts, users may find it more useful than other blogs.  Creating a quick video of your blogpost and posting on youtube gives extra visibility.

This is a start but it gives results big enough to keep a new or established blogger motivated with traffic and sales.

8. Navin Rao –

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Certainly, It’s crucial, yet not easier to be noticed in the crowd. Although there are several ways one would like his/her blog noticed, The most important one according to be is personal branding.

You can build your brand by delivering value through your blog and social media. Pick one skill you are good at, and try to be an expert in it. There are millions of people thirsty for an expert opinion. Help people for free whenever possible and let them know your expertise. You will be making continuously new friends and audience.

I understand quality content, helpful Content, Good Web Design, High-quality images(to be noticed on social media), Guest Blogging, Comment on blogs(provide value even there). last but not least engage in social media. I know these are a lot of work, but schedule those tasks accordingly, one need not do all those every single day.

Think for the long run. Spread Love and get it back. 🙂

9. Richa Pathak –

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To get your blog noticed you need to add value to the readers knowledge base. The quality of the content is very important. Keep the content detailed and updated in order to get more user engagement on your blog. The best part of blog is Google can read the content which doesn’t happen when it comes to images or videos content format.

So when you add amazing information to your blog which is based on your experience it gives you credibility. In long run to maintain traffic focus on long tail keywords.

10. Chayan Chakrabarti –

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How can you reach the whole world with your website or blog? Everyone wants to do it but very few people can do it successfully if you want to be noticed as a blogger, then understand what type of blogger you are. You may be a part time blogger like me, you may be a student, you may be a full-time blogger.

We all have different work ethics and strengths and weaknesses. So for the first 6 months understand yourself. know your blogging strengths and weaknesses. and work accordingly. this will help you to create a proper schedule. if you want to blog for a long period of time, then switch to authority blogging. You also have to make sure that you are following all the blogging basics like mobile responsive sites, less load time, quality content and links.

Don’t think about the millions or billions when you are starting. Consider blogging as a business and then set your first goal. Create a full proof strategy to earn the first $100. And then repeat. There are billions of websites in this world which are very old. Why would people leave my website and people will see my website? This is the question you always ask yourself What you do benefit them is that they will visit your site ? If you can’t satisfy your users then get ready for a slowdown.

But how do you make sure that everything you are doing is correct? That’s why it’s necessary to be attached with the community. Help the community members and create your identity.. And lastly, stop consuming courses and tutorials for sometime to understand your work flow and take immediate action. If you face any issues, then refer to the tutorials. This is my personal method. Do try and let me know if it works for you.

11. Mudassir Ahmed –

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Getting your blog noticed is something like a continuous short term goal that needs to
be achieved when it comes to growing online.
And to achieve that, you will need to brush up on your basics first.

1. Get clarity about your niche.

If you observe some of the bloggers’ bio on social media, they show themselves as
“Expert in WordPress” but when you actually visit their blog, you would see the content
related to movies, mobiles, technology, business, bitcoin mining or even about world’s
It is okay if you’ve knowledge on so many niches but when it comes to blogging,
genuine readers prefer the content from the writers’ who have expertise on one a single
So be clear about your blog niche and pick the one with which you could stick for the
long run and help the audience.

2. Develop “Yourself” as a brand.

People, who ignore the personal branding in blogging, are going nowhere from where
I see some blogs that have no “About” page or have “Team XYZ” or “admin” as the
The question is simple – If you have no guts to show up for your audience how would
you expect the audience listen to your advice?
So show up!
You’re unique and ‘you’ alone could share your stories and connect with your audience.
Work on developing a style that sets you unique and build the personal brand in the
long run.
People listen to people…No?

3. Write conversational content.

It is okay if you steal the content ideas from others’ blog. But you don’t have to steal
their writing style and content.
The trick to make the reader stay is to publish the “human” content.

You will need to talk to your readers and let them know that you understand them. Put
yourself in the shoe of a common reader and list out the expectations you’d need to
Avoid writing content as if it is just another blog post on the Internet. When you give the
right mix of human touch then I’m sure first-time-readers are likely to subscribe and visit
you back.
You could ask them the related questions, add humor, and share personal experiences
about the topic to have them engaged.

4. Optimize your blog for both readers and search engines.

Means, getting your on-page SEO RIGHT!
First: offer your content with no big distractions. Keep your blog design simple so that
the users could understand what the blog is about and navigate easily. Don’t make it
Second: get rid of technical errors such as 404s, bad backlinks, slow load speed, thin
content, and such others.
Third: Write content for humans in the first light and before you hit the publish button,
optimize with relevant keywords, title, URL, headings and description.
When you do this way, you get rewarded with better SEO rankings, so you are happy.
And readers are happy as they get what they come looking for. All happies 

5. Be social.

Not to just drive traffic to your blog.
If you want to grow as a long-run blogger, you need to think beyond the traffic…
You need to be real and add value to others’ life using your social handles.
If your potential audience is being social to get answers in your niche then why not join
in and help them?
You don’t have to confused when I say to join social media…
As a beginner, you could just signup and start getting involved with the users around.
Learn from others and do what it takes to reach that position of being an expert blogger
in your niche.

Platforms like Quora, Twitter, Triberr are good to find out what your audience exactly
Concluding my thoughts on the topic “How to get your blog noticed”…
I would like to say that…these are some of the blogging tips that I’ve learned along with
the time.
If you’re a beginner, you could also try:

  • Inviting influencers from your niche to guest post on your blog
  • Creating roundup posts
  • Signing up on HARO and acting on it the RIGHT way!
  • Building up the email list from the month-1

I’m sure that, by the time you would covered the above basics, then you will be primed
to exploring the other advanced methods to get your blog noticed in the crowd.

12. Nick Nalbach –

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If you want your blog to get noticed, you need two things:

  1. Social Media (for short term)
  2. SEO (for long-term) Social media is self-explanatory. Share you blog posts with people who follow you. Done. For SEO, most people over-complicate it. It’s complicated enough already. You don’t need to do that.

This tip will be especially helpful if you’re just starting out, don’t have any money, and don’t get a ton of organic traffic yet.

Answer 1 Question with Each Blog Post Here’s how:

  1. Type your topic into Google
  2. Scroll to the “People Also Ask” section
  3. Find a question there that you can answer with a blog post
  4. ONLY answer that 1 question in you blog post
  5. Rinse and repeat People search online to have their questions answered and Google already tells you what those questions are. Take advantage of that awesome free information!

13. Vishwajeet Kumar –

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Content plays a great role in driving traffic to your blog and help you to get your blog noticed by people. When you write relevant and quality content it ranks well in search engines. Make sure your content is relevant and problem-solving in nature.
Always do proper keyword research before working on your posts. You can also use Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog. SEO also helps you here. It helps you to drive targeted and passive traffic to your blog.

14. Rahul Choudhary –

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There are countless blogs in almost every possible niche you can imagine. But if you want your blog to stand out in the crowd, you’ve to add your personal touch to your content. If you create content that everybody else is creating and talk about things that everybody else is talking about, there’s no chance that you’re gonna start apart. Your thoughts & opinions are what make you unique and sharing them will add your personal touch to any type of generic content and make it unique too. So, don’t be afraid to try new things and share your thoughts & opinions. Your audience is going to love and respect you for that.

Finally Conclusion:

I have shown you the strategies that expert people used for getting their blog noticed in crowd. You  should follow this strategies for getting your blog noticed in crowd.
I want to hear from you:

1. Which strategy from today’s post are you going to use first?

2. Which strategies you have found very useful?
And the very important thing is all of these strategies are proven and if you want to get your blog noticed in crowd then you have to use these strategies. But I can’t promise you overnight results.
So if you have any queries and doubts about this post then leave a comment below and we will help you.


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  1. Blogging is so competitive sector. But if you are crazy about to write and share your knowledge with others and it is good to solve problems too then you will get success.

  2. It’s a well written self explainatory post and the methods are perhaps really very useful. I strongly agree to the fourth point in the post by
    Long Tail plays a very vital role and the fact most of the premium tools don’t capture the accurate data is absolutely true by Nikolaraza
    It was a nice read-Kudos to you for that.

    • Hi Sumit,
      glad you agree with me. Long tail keywords rule and often the “small” search volume turns out to be really big, way bigger than you’ve expected.
      Google doesn’t have all the data and sometimes it pays to follow your gut.

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    thanks a lot for featuring my small contribution. I feel honored for sure. Great roundup and I’ve picked up a thing or two from these awesome exerts.
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    Thanks so much for the opportunity bro. We get noticed by noticing others, serving others and patiently and persistently sticking to these rock solid fundamentals.


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