Is Affiliate Marketing Dead in 2020? You need to know about it.

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Today I am going to tell you about some people who think that affiliate marketing is dead or not. But why they think like that? This question’s answer you will get in this article.

So let’s start.

 Recently my best friend came to my house in the morning, and she asked me a question. At that time, I was sitting in my chair, and my friend said to answer me honestly,” is affiliate marketing dead.” I was shocked at the time, and I said, don’t joke with me. He said I’m not joking. Then I said, let me search on my browser; I searched for the question that my friend asked, “is affiliate marketing dead” and I found that some of the affiliate marketing strategies are dead. I was shocked at the time; after that, I saw that some old strategies are dead, but affiliate marketing is alive. Then I understood that affiliate marketing is not dead. Some old strategies, like direct linking and a few more, are dead.

So in this post, I answered some questions. I have written a few signs that prove the affiliate marketing is not dead.

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This is the things which I am going to cover now:

  1. What is affiliate marketing?
  2. Three signs that prove affiliate marketing is not dead.
  3. Is affiliate marketing worth it?
  4. Why do most people fail to do affiliate marketing?
  5. Is affiliate marketing a get rich quick scheme?
  6. Final thoughts: is affiliate marketing dead.

1. What is Affiliate Marketing?

how affiliate marketing program works

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting companies and other people’s products and services.

The affiliate marketers promote the products or services and earn a piece of commission for each sale.

Nowadays, becoming an affiliate marketer is difficult. But if you become an affiliate marketer, you can earn a passive income.

Affiliate marketing is like a part-time job that you can do from work. Suppose you hate going to the office. Then affiliate marketing is the best work from home jobs.

Suppose you are thinking about how much money you can make thorough affiliate marketing. In that case, my answer is the sky is the limit of making money. Most of the successful affiliate marketers make seven to eight figures per month.

For example, Ryan Robinson, a successful affiliate marketer. He earns $50000 per month.

And it is 100% legal and safe, but it takes a lot of hard work and skills.

1. Advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing:


  • You can earn a billion-dollar.
  • For starting affiliate marketing, low investment cost or zero investment cost is required.
  • It is a secondary source of income.
  • Easy to start.
  • Work from home, anywhere, or anyplace.


  • Too much competition.
  • Commission based payment.
  • Need a lot of hard work and patience.

So these are the advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing.

2. Affiliate marketing is dead or not?

The clear answer is no affiliate marketing is not dead.

It is becoming more popular day by day. The many people saying the affiliate marketing is dead, and many people asking the question “is affiliate marketing dead”?

One good news for an affiliate marketer is affiliate marketing is very far from dead, and it will never go as long as it is the internet. 

That thing is different that it has become very difficult. And some people also don’t know about affiliate marketing, its process, and how to do affiliate marketing.

Those people want to earn a passive income through affiliate marketing; then those people require creative ideas. Because if they will use the old strategies now to earn passive income so they can not earn.

One more time, I am saying you the affiliate marketing is not dead. It will stay for a long time. Now I think no one will ask that is affiliate marketing dead.

2. Few signs that prove the affiliate marketing is not dead.

1. The spent money.

Now, these days it isn’t easy to succeed in the world of affiliate marketing.

The affiliate marketing industry is rapidly growing. The Statista reported that in 2015, the US people spent 4.2 billion dollars on affiliate marketing, and it is increasing year by year. In 2016 spent 4.8 billion. In 2017 spent 5.4 billion. In 2018 spent 5.9 billion. In 2019 spent 6.4 billion. It is estimated to cost 6.8 billion in 2020. And it is expected to increase to 8.2 billion dollars by 2022.

affiliate marketing

If people are spending money on affiliate marketing, they believe that they will earn more amount of their spending.

Many people spend their money on affiliate marketing and earning more than ten times of spent money.

The best example is Pat Flynn, a successful affiliate marketer. He earned 3 million dollars through affiliate marketing.

Some people earn a lot of money without investing in affiliate marketing.

So it means the affiliate marketing is not dead.

If someone asks the question ” is affiliate marketing dead,” then the US’s investment from 2015 to 2022 is the answer to his question with the proof. Affiliate marketing is still a working and profitable business.

2. Day by day, the online buyers increasing.

Day by day, the online buyers increasing. Affiliate marketing becomes very popular. Every company wants their products sold more. So they do affiliate marketing to sell more products. 81% of all brands depend on affiliate marketing to generate sales.

google trends affiliate marketing

And now, in the online world, the people purchasing most of the products online. Everywhere, the buyers buying the products online.

That’s why online buyers are increasing day by day.

Now purchasing goods and services online is very common. For affiliate marketers, it is the best opportunity to earn passive income.

The number of buyers increasing day by day. This is the second answer to this question “is affiliate marketing dead”? And this sign proves that affiliate marketing is still very profitable and popular.

3. More products are available to sell.

 More products are available to sell anything in affiliate marketing.

 It is one of the four largest sources of economic orders. So we can sell VR (Virtual Reality) products and services, drones, phone accessories, home automation products like speakers, smart TVs, wearable devices, web hosting, cloud hosting, gym equipment, and many more products, from software to ebooks everything can be a sale.

This is also the sign that proves that affiliate marketing is not dead. 

So I have written three points. First, the spent money on affiliate marketing; the second, day by day, the online buyers increasing, third every product can be sold and purchased under affiliate marketing.

These are three signs that prove that affiliate marketing is still profitable. It also proves that affiliate marketing is not dead.

3. Is affiliate marketing worth it?

Yes, affiliate marketing is worth it. Affiliate marketing is not going anywhere. It is for a long time. Affiliate marketing will be there as long as there is the internet.

The companies can rely on affiliate marketing and on outside marketers who increase product sales.

So you can become an affiliate marketer.

4. Why did most people fail to do affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a dream business for many people because it is proven to make money through affiliate marketing. At the same time, sleeping also and it generates a passive income.

There are some benefits of affiliate marketing like you don’t have to create any product, no shipping, only you have to promote other companies or other people’s products, and many more benefits. 

Due to all these benefits, it is the dream business of many people.

But why most people fail to do affiliate marketing?

1. They quit easily.

 For becoming a successful affiliate marketer, they need to work hard. They do not spend much time on affiliate marketing. They think that if they are working today, they should get their results or money at that time only.

In affiliate marketing does not start getting result or money in the beginning. Whatever the affiliate marketer has succeeded today, those people also waited and worked hard.

So be patient if you work hard. You will definitely get results.

2. They are using an old marketing strategy.

They are not developing their marketing strategy; it is very important to develop a strategy to succeed. 

Use Social Media platforms, SEO (Search Engine Optimization),,, Host webinars, etc. 

3. They do not choose the most profitable niches(topics)

It isn’t easy to choose a profitable niche to do affiliate marketing. Many people work on the same topic. There is too much competition, that’s why it is challenging to choose profitable niches to sell products.

So these are the three main mistakes; perhaps they would have failed because of these mistakes.

And when people fail to do affiliate marketing, this question comes in their mind that ” is affiliate marketing dead”? Or “affiliate marketing is still working”?

5. Is affiliate marketing a get rich quick scheme?

Many people think and believe that affiliate marketing is a quick rich scheme. They also think success in affiliate marketing can be found in overnight. I am not making fun of those people. But it is true many people think and believe.

To get success in the affiliate marketing world, they need to work hard and daily.

If you want success, then you also need to work hard daily. You can expect to be a billionaire overnight.

Many people dream of getting millions of dollars in their bank account as soon as they wake up in the morning. You can make your dream come true through affiliate marketing.

You can fulfill your dreams and demands through affiliate marketing, but you need to work hard.

So affiliate marketing is not a quick-rich scheme. Without doing hard work, no one can make a passive income. Don’t trust those people who tell you earning money through affiliate marketing is easy.

If you want to join affiliate marketing, you should consider that it takes time and effort.

6. Final Thoughts: Is affiliate marketing dead?

It is important to know that the affiliate marketing business is still working and still profitable or not. But this is wrong to say that affiliate marketing is dead.

Nowadays, it is challenging to make passive income with new marketing strategies. But you can make it.

So don’t trust such people who tell you making a passive income are easy through affiliate marketing. Because you and I also know that no one can’t earn a lot of money without hard work.

Suppose it is possible to earn a lot of money without hard work. If that were the case, every person in our world would be a millionaire today because no one wants to work hard.

Day by day, Internet users are increases, and now the number of online buyers also increases. So it means there are a lot of opportunities to earn a lot of money through affiliate marketing. But only those people who can do hard work.

Many people enter the world of affiliate marketing and are not able to achieve success.

After failed, they said affiliate marketing is dead. But they might not have worked hard; they would not be consistent; they would not have done their work regularly.

I hope I answered the many questions in this article like ‘is affiliate marketing still working’? , ‘is affiliate marketing worth it’? , ‘is affiliate marketing dead’?

And I am excited to know about your affiliate marketing journey.

I hope you have understood and enjoyed this article. If you have any queries about this article, you can comment down.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is Affiliate Marketing Dead?

The simple answer is that affiliate marketing isn’t dead, but it’s changed drastically over the years. you’ll be able to now not depend upon the foremost basic affiliate marketing programs to create money. Those who want to earn an income through this system must be creative and willing to adapt to new trends and ideas.

Is affiliate marketing easy?

Although studies show that affiliate marketing isn’t easy, as you remember to foster relationships, concentrate on your niche, specialize in some key affiliates, and build a system that generates performance for both the advertiser and therefore the affiliate you’ll drive profit and conversions for your small business.

Can affiliate marketing make you rich?

The truth about if affiliate marketing can cause you to rich or if you’ll be able to make money with affiliate marketing, the solution is YES, with affiliate programs you’ll be able to make extra cash on the side and even a full-time income from home.


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