7+ Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas That Will Actually Make Your Blog Better in 2020.

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What should I post on my lifestyle blog?

No idea?

Ok, don’t worry, you will get a lot of ideas from here.

Today I am going to help you the most. Right now, I give you ideas for writing content on your lifestyle blog.

A few days ago, my friends sat for writing it’s upcoming lifestyle blog post, and he didn’t get any topic to write content.

When he told me about this problem, I think about it. I understand that it is difficult to come out with new lifestyle blog post ideas when you have no idea what you want to write.

At that time, only I decide to help other bloggers.

So let’s start. But before starting I I want to tell you one thing that I spent many hours researching about lifestyle blog post ideas. After researching, I create this post. So I hope this post helps you most.

After reading, you will definitely understand and find useful.

I am sure this post gives you enough ideas to work on your lifestyle blog.

Now let’s start with basic knowledge.

1. What is a lifestyle blog?

A lifestyle blog is unique and different than any other type of blog.

If you find the meaning of ‘lifestyle’ in a dictionary, you will get how a person lives. In an easy way, a lifestyle blog which covers the related topics of lifestyle.

A lifestyle blogger creates content on personal lives, daily activities and personal interests.

You can check the HBIT.com is one of the most popular lifestyle blogs. It is a health, beauty, and fitness blog where you can read everything about health and fitness.

You can check the CupofJo.com is also the most popular lifestyle blog where you find everything related to lifestyle with advice and tips.

These blogs are the best and popular lifestyle blogs. You can follow it if you find very useful information about lifestyle and the monetization strategies they use to make money.

Many people think that both personal blogs and lifestyle are the same. But it is not like that they both are not same they are similar.

A personal blog share is like a diary. It shares personal stories and emotions.

A lifestyle blog shares the daily activities and interests. It shows everything about lifestyle. It shares useful information, advice, tips.

Both blogs are very useful, and both are successful in the blogging industry.

When I researched about both blogs, then I came to know one thing that shows the difference between a personal of and a lifestyle blog.

And that one thing is money.

Personal blogs are like a diary. I had already covered this point.

Personal bloggers only want to share their feelings and emotions. 

And while lifestyle bloggers share similar content like the personal blog’s content. But their purpose is to make money.

The personal blog’s purpose is for sharing feelings and emotions, and lifestyle blog’s purpose is to make money by sharing content on lifestyle.

2. How to make money with a lifestyle blog.

You can make money with a lifestyle blog by monetization method.

You can monetize a lifestyle blog as you monetize any other blog.

The same method for making also applies here to monetize a lifestyle blog.

The lifestyle blog gives them ore opportunity to earn more money because of the wide variety of niches (topics).

So how can you make money with a lifestyle blog?

how to make money with lifestyle blog

1. Sponsored posts.

Many companies want more sales of their products. Many sponsoring companies will give you free products to review with the help of content.

Products like health, beauty, fitness and many more products. This is the best way to make money online with a lifestyle blog.

2. Affiliate programs.

If you are a lifestyle blogger and you want to earn a lot of money, then affiliate marketing is the other Best ways to make money.

Only you have to promote the other companies affiliate marketing programs like Weight watchers is a fitness affiliate marketing program, onlineRxmaster is a health affiliate marketing programs, etc. 

You can check the Best high paying affiliate marketing programs.

3. Ads.

A popular method to earn money. Google Adsense allows you to run ads on your blog and earn money.when your visitors click on ads then only you can make money. 

It is free to join. And it is very popular right now.

Google offers you various types of ads to run on your blog:
  1. Text.
  2. Images.
  3. Videos.
  4. Animated images.
  5. Rich media.
  6. Adsense for search.

4. Sell your products.

It is difficult to make and sell your products. But it is a successful method and generates a lot of money.

You can create your ebooks and sell them easily. It is in high demand. You can also create and sell your online courses.

I think you have decided to start your lifestyle blog and you want to a perfect guide. So don’t go anywhere because my next step will give you a perfect guide, and you can create your blog in just 10 minutes.

3. How to start a lifestyle blog.

So you want to start your lifestyle blog? It’s very easy, and it is the same process of starting a blog.

Look my free guide on How to start writing a Blog and get your blog hosting, domain name.

This guide will help you most and walk you through choosing a hosting plan, blog name, designing a blog and this guide will give you free useful information about the blog.

After starting a blog, you can start working with designing a blog and writing content.

Have you decided what should you post today on your lifestyle blog?

For writing content, you need some blog post ideas.

Disclaimer: Please note that this post includes affiliate links that provide a commission to me. It is at no additional cost to you. If you sign up through our affiliate link, then we get a commission. For more information, you can read my Affiliate Disclosure.

So let’s start with some blog post ideas.

Here I made a list of lifestyle blog post ideas which is collected by me for you:

  1. Personal lifestyle blog post ideas.
  2. Fashion blog post ideas.
  3. Healthy lifestyle blog post ideas.
  4. Dating and Relationships blog post ideas.
  5. Beauty lifestyle blog post ideas.
  6. Personal Finance blog post ideas.
  7. Travel blog post ideas.
  8. Lifestyle blog post ideas of food.

1. Personal lifestyle blog post ideas.

personal lifestyle blog post ideas
  1. Best moments of your life.
  2. Morning routine.
  3. Personal changes you have made in your life.
  4. Your daily routine.
  5. Favorite person in your life.
  6. Who inspires you.
  7. Your life goals.
  8. Few tips for staying positive.
  9. Why you have started this blog?
  10. Your favorite childhood memory.
  11. List of your favorite movies.
  12. list of things that you have learned from your parents.

2. Fashion blog post ideas.

fashion blog post ideas
  1. A fashion DIY.
  2. Your favorite coats and shoes.
  3. Your favorite outfits for this season.
  4. Your fashion tips.
  5. Your personal shopping tips.
  6. Your fashion blogs.
  7. Day to night outfits.
  8. A perfect look for special events.
  9. The budget looks under $70.
  10. Weekly fashion or outfit picks.
  11. A fashion look that is inspired by your favorite movie actor or actresses.
  12. Your favorite designers.

3. Healthy lifestyle blog post ideas.

healthy lifestyle blog post ideas
  1. A specific diet.
  2. Workout routine.
  3. How to workout daily?
  4. My favorite healthy recipes.
  5. Evening routine.
  6. Workout tips.
  7. Daily how many hours do you sleep?
  8. My best top running shoes.
  9. My personal health tips that everyone should know.
  10. Benefits of healthy foods.
  11. The use of supplements and protein powders.
  12. Few tips to improve your mental health.
  13. Rules for a workout.
  14. How to build a strong muscle?
  15. Do’s and Dont’s while exercising.
  16. What is the best time of day exercise?
  17. Best exercises to increase height.
  18. Perfect time to go to the gym.
  19. Best exercise equipment you need in your home.
  20. Best upper body workouts.
  21. The benefits of running daily.
  22. Best exercises to stay fit without equipment.
  23. Fitness tips for women.
  24. Fitness tips for beginners.
  25. How to build muscles without a gym?
  26. Tips for a healthier heart.
  27. Best lower body workouts.
  28. How to lose weight?

4. Dating and Relationships blog post ideas.

dating and realtionships blog post ideas
  1. Advice for a healthy relationship.
  2. How to talk with your Girlfriend.
  3. How to impress your Girlfriend.
  4. How to impress your boyfriend.
  5. How to make a good impression on a first date.
  6. How to behave with a girlfriend.
  7. Where to go with a girlfriend.
  8. Where to go on a first date with Girlfriend.
  9. Relationship advise for men and women.
  10. Online dating tips for men and women.
  11. Online dating tips for women.
  12. What to give a girlfriend on a first date.
  13. How to flirt with your Girlfriend.
  14. Tips for a long-distance relationship.
  15. Do’s and Dont’s on a first date.
  16. Mistakes that you should never do after a breakup.
  17. Best gifts for Girlfriend.
  18. Date and romance advice.
  19. Breakup tips.
  20. How to recover after a painful breakup.

5. Beauty lifestyle blog post ideas.

Beauty lifestyle blog post ideas
  1. Best beauty products for women.
  2. Popular beauty products.
  3. Best beauty brands.
  4. Everyday beauty routine.
  5. Best makeup brushes set.
  6. Best makeup kit.
  7. Favorite nail polish and nail polish color.
  8. Best hair products for women.
  9. Best beauty palette.
  10. Best hair oil for hair fall.
  11. 10 minutes make up routine.
  12. Beauty product review.
  13. Best skin whitening soap.
  14. Best skin brands and products.
  15. Best cream for oily skin.
  16. Best cream for acne.
  17. Best facial for dry skin.
  18. Beauty product comparisons.
  19. My natural skincare routine.
  20. Best skincare products for men.
  21. DIY beauty recipes.
  22. Is coffee good for skin?
  23. The best anti-aging products.

6. Personal finance blog post ideas.

personal finance blog post ideas
  1. Best time management apps.
  2. Best ways to make money online.
  3. How to make money fast.
  4. Best work from home jobs for teenagers.
  5. What is Pay Pal and how it works?
  6. Best work from home jobs with a computer.
  7. the best work from home jobs without a computer.
  8. How to sell a house.
  9. Personal finance books.
  10. Top personal finance podcasts.
  11. Proven ways to make money with podcasts.
  12. Finance tips everyone should know.
  13. Best apps to use for budgeting.
  14. How to make money online right now.
  15. Side hustles, you can earn extra money.
  16. Tips for financial planning.
  17. How to become a millionaire.
  18. The best ways to save money.
  19. Tips for selling products online.
  20. Make money through affiliate marketing.

7. Travel blog post ideas.

travel blog post ideas
  1. Best vacation ideas for students.
  2. best vacation ideas for families.
  3. Tips for booking cheap flights.
  4. Top 10 beaches in the world.
  5. Your favorite travel blogs.
  6. Benefits of traveling solo.
  7. My bucket list.
  8. Different ways to save money while traveling.
  9. Your favorite hotels.
  10. How to plan a world tour.
  11. How to plan a trip.
  12. Do’s and Dont’s while traveling.
  13. Your favorite trips.
  14. Best hotels for honeymoon.
  15. Best destinations for couples.
  16. What are the best languages to learn for traveling?

8. Lifestyle blog post ideas of foods.

lifestyle blog post ideas of food
  1. How to create the perfect none veg dishes.
  2. Top food bloggers.
  3. Best free apps for food photographers.
  4. Tell your story about the food experience.
  5. Write a blog post on your favorite food.
  6. How to cook on campfires.
  7. How to make Pizza at home.
  8. How to make chocolate at home.
  9. How to make a cake.
  10. Simple cooking tips.
  11. Tips on food photography.
  12. Your favorite cheat meals.

Finally Conclusion:

Now you have got the ideas for writing content on a lifestyle blog.

You can share anything on your lifestyle blog; it depends on you what you have to write and post on your blog.

After reading, you have got enough lifestyle blog post ideas.

So it’s a perfect time to select a blog post ideas. After selecting you can easily write content, and no one can stop you from writing the best content.

If you have any doubts about this post, leave a comment down, and I will help you.

Frequently Ask Questions

What are the most popular topics to blog about?

Here is the list of lifestyle blog post ideas :
1. Personal lifestyle blog post ideas.
2. Fashion blog post ideas.
3. Healthy lifestyle blog post ideas.
4. Dating and Relationships blog post ideas.
5. Beauty lifestyle blog post ideas.
6. Personal finance blog post ideas.
7. Travel blog post ideas.
8. Lifestyle blog post ideas of foods.

What should i write in my lifestyle blog?

Write down three-six lifestyle topics you’re fascinated by. These may include fashion, home decor, beauty, wellbeing, family life, DIY, small business, shopping, fitness, travel, food, photography. Anything which piques your personal interest.

How much money do lifestyle bloggers make?

Another survey, this one among 1,500 ProBlogger readers who said they’re trying to create money by blogging, found that 9% make between $1,000 and $10,000 a month and 4% make over $10,000 a month. But the overwhelming majority makes but $3.50 per day. (Most of those were blogs but two years old, though.)


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