8 Most Profitable Niches to Make Money in 2020

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If you started your website or blog or decided to start affiliate marketing.

But have you decided your specific niche ? Or are you in confusion which niche should you choose?

Which niche should you choose often this problem new blogger, affiliate marketer has to face.

Do you know what is a niche?

A niche is a specific topic, subject or a category where the bloggers or marketers focused.

If you get confused which niche should you choose and you are looking for the most profitable niches, then you have come to the right place.

Choosing a profitable niche is difficult but not impossible.

You can choose here the most profitable niches in this article.

Before choosing the niche first read these things.

  • Identify your skills and passions.
  • Research your competition.
  • Test your niche.

Disclaimer: Please note that this post includes affiliate links that provide me commission. This is at no additional cost to you. If you sign up through our affiliate links, then we get a commission. For more information, you can read my Affiliate Disclosure.

So here is the list of most profitable niches.

  1. Fitness and weight loss.
  2. Relationships and dating.
  3. Finance.
  4. Make money online.
  5. Pets.
  6. Skincare and beauty treatments.
  7. Travel.
  8. Gadgets and Technology.

1. Fitness and Weight Loss.

Fitness and weight loss

Fitness and Weight loss is the most profitable niche for affiliate marketer and a blogger.

This niche is the best and evergreen niche. Daily millions of people searching for this topic on their browser.

Do you know why people searching daily on this topic?

Because in today’s busy lifestyle, people don’t have more time to spend on their body, and they do not have time to keep themselves fit.

Nowadays every people want to do less work out in less time and want their body slim and fit.

And this is the biggest reason for searching daily on this topic.

The people are always looking for a fad diet, exercise program.

Exercise programs like P90X and fad diet such as Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, Ketogenic Diet, Paleo Diet. The list goes on.

Do you know in 2017 the people spend $66 billion on weight loss and related products?

I am 100% sure that in the future also the fitness and weight loss will be one of the most profitable and evergreen niches.

  1. Weight loss for men.
  2. Weight loss for women.
  3. Weight loss for kids.
  4. Weight loss plan.
  5. Weight loss foods.
  6. Weight loss tablets.
  7. Weight loss diet tips.
  8. Weight loss during pregnancy.
  9. Yoga for weight loss.
  10. Muscle building for men.
  11. Nutrition plans for better digestion.
  12. Strength training for men.Lower and upper body workouts.
  13. Benefits of exercise.

These are the most profitable niches, sub-niches and related topics of fitness and weight loss.

You can easily earn money, and you can start writing your blog on these niches and sub-niches and drive massive traffic on your blog.

If you want a perfect guide for starting and writing a blog, then look here How to start writing a blog, this guide will help you most.

This niche is also very profitable for Affiliate Marketers because there is a lot of fitness and weight loss affiliate programs which they can promote and earn commission easily.

Here are the picks for Affiliate Programs:

1. Healthy wage 

Commission. 25%.

2. Natural health concepts.

Commission: 8%.

3. BodyBuilding.com.

Commission: 15%.

4. Zorium.

Commission: 30% for each Sale.

5. Ace fitness.

Commission: 8% on all sales.

So this is the affiliate programs that affiliate marketers promote easily.

Fitness and weight loss are proven the best niche and in future also will show the best niche.

2. Relationships and Dating.

Relationships and dating.

Nowadays, adults’ people want advice to lead a better lifestyle to manage their relationships and dating. So they use Google as a am advisor.

In the World, more than 7.8 billion people are adults. So imagine How many visitors will come to your blog.

Relationships and dating are the biggest industries which are increasing rapidly in the World.

If you have some knowledge about relationships and dating, then this niche is perfect for you.

There Are so many sub-niches and related topics that you can write every day without repeating.

But keep one thing in your mind that you need to write fresh, interesting, attractive content for your blog post.

  1. How to fix a relationship?
  2. How do I move on after a breakup?
  3. How can I find a girlfriend?
  4. How can I find a boyfriend?
  5. Stages of relationship development.
  6. Dating to a relationship.
  7. Dating vs relationship.
  8. Dating after divorce.

So this is the sub-niches and related topics that you can write on your blog.

You can earn a commission by promoting relationship and dating affiliate programs like:


You can earn $15 on free signup and 90% commission on paid membership.

2. DatingDirect.

It offers 45% commission.

3. eHarmonry.

It gives you a 45% commission.

4. Match.

It offers you 75% commission.

5. OurTime.

You can earn 80% commission.

So this is the Relationships and dating Affiliate programs. This is the evergreen market.

This niche comes in the list of most profitable niches.

3. Finance.


In today’s World the content marketing is in high demand.

Most of the people think that finance niche is not interested or boring for writing content.

But they don’t think that finance comes in the list of most profitable niches and this is the mistake the people do.

  1. Ways to save money.
  2. Method of earning money.
  3. Yahoo finance.
  4. Personal finance.
  5. Insurance.
  6. Public finance.
  7. Economics and finance.
  8. Investment Management.
  9. Google finance.

This niche is best for earning a commission by promoting the finance affiliate program.

Here are the picks of best finance affiliate programs.

1. USAA credit cards

You can earn $25 commission per lead.

2. BBVA Banks.

It offers $85 commission per lead.

3. LifeLock.

It gives you $10 commissioner per Sale.

4. Lending Tree.

You can earn $70 per lead.

5. C.I.T Bank.

It offers $100 per lead commission.

This niche is evergreen and most profitable for bloggers and Affiliate Marketers.

4. Make Money Online.

Make Money Online.

Make Money Online is in the 4th position in my article, which is the most profitable niches.

Most of the people daily jump in these make money online niche because it is evergreen.

Daily millions of people trying to make money online. Trying to build an authority site to make money online niche is difficult but not impossible.

Suppose you want to become an online millionaire and you have skills for doing online work. In that case, this niche is perfect and suitable for you.

This is the best niche for blogging and affiliate marketing.

Through blogging, you can help others by writing your business ideas, spread information on the internet.

Bloggers can write attractive content on these topics or sub-niches like:

  1. Affiliate Marketing tips.
  2. Blogging tips.
  3. How to make money from home?
  4. How to make money online for beginners?
  5. Real ways to make money from home.
  6. How to make money online for free?
  7. How can I find online jobs?
  8. How to earn money online?

These are the some best sub-niches and related topics to make money online niche.

If you are an Affiliate Marketer then you can earn a lot of money in this niche by creating and selling your own courses, ebooks, coaching programs, information products about make money online niche.

5. Pets.


The pet niche comes in the list of most profitable niches.

Nowadays millions of people have their pets, and they love to spend money on them. In the USA, Dog owners spend on average $1285 a year on their Dogs.

So this is the best opportunities to make money in this niche for Affiliate Marketers by promoting or selling the products of pets.

Pets products are one of the most profitable niches to start selling in.

Suppose a Blogger wants to drive massive traffic on their blog. In that case, this is the best niche for bloggers because if the pet owners want advice or information about their pets, then they search on Google only.

  1. Specific Dog Breed.
  2. Pet animals.
  3. Cat healthcare.
  4. Proper care for birds.
  5. Bird training.
  6. Proper care for pets.
  7. Price of Bulldogs.
  8. Dog grooming.
  9. Natural Dog food.
  10. Pets movie.

So this is the sub-niches or related topics which can help a blogger for selecting their niche.

Affiliate marketers can earn a lot of commission in this niche by promoting pet affiliate programs.

Pet affiliate programs like:

1. FitBark.

Commission: it offers 12 % commission.

2. PetCube.

Commission: you can earn 10% commission on each Sale.

3. Pet well being.

Commission: It gives you 10% commission per Sale.

4. Pets Warehouse.

Commission: it offers 8% to 10% commission for each Sale.

5. Pet Supply.

Commission: it offers 7% commission per Sale.

These are the pet niche Affiliate Programs which Affiliate Marketers can easily promote.

6. Skincare and beauty treatments.

Skincare and beauty treatments

Skincare and beauty treatments are very interesting and most profitable niches.

If you have a piece of knowledge about beauty products and treatments, then this niche is the best for you, and you can earn money with the help of your knowledge.

Bloggers can create so many different and unique content ideas for skincare and beauty treatments.

They can write products reviews and guides for buying different products.

Many people search on Google for advice on How to use beauty products? And what are the best beauty products for different types of skin?

  1. Best Facial treatments.
  2. Acne scar treatments.
  3. Face treatments to look younger.
  4. Laser skin treatments.
  5. Types of facial treatments.
  6. Best skincare creams.
  7. Best tattoo removal cream.

There are so many topics, and this list is endless.

And Affiliate Marketers can promote beauty and skincare affiliate programs.

Here are the best beauty and skincare affiliate programs:

1. Juice beauty.

Commission: 6%.

2. 100% Pure.

Commission: 8%.

3. Skin store.

Commission: 10%.

4. Sephora. 

Commission: 3% to 8%.

5. First Aid Beauty.

Commission: 5%.

Because of this Affiliate program’s commission, the skincare and beauty treatments niche are mentioned in the list of most profitable niches.

7. Travel.


Have you heard about Travel Bloggers?

Travel blogger is a person who travels around the World and writing about their experiences.

The bloggers choose to travel niche, and they enjoy travelling and writing about their experiences.

Whenever a person decides or wants to start his journey in the World, he or she searches related information on the internet.

  1. Costco travel reviews.
  2. International laws.
  3. Reviews of various hotels.
  4. Best travel websites in the World.
  5. Google travel flights.
  6. Google travel hotels.

The list is endless. They can daily write fresh content on this niche.

You can earn money also from this niche.

The Affiliate Marketers are promoting the travel niche affiliate programs.

Travel affiliate programs like:

1. TripAdvisor.

Commission: 50% commission on each Sale.

2. Agoda.

Commission: 60% commission on each Sale.

3. Travel payouts.

Commission: up to 80% commission on each Sale.

4. Expedia.

Commission: 2% to 6% commission on each sale.

5. Marriott.

Commission : 4% to 6% commission on each sale.

You can see, this are the high paying travel affiliate programs which offer high commission.

Because of the high commission Affiliate programs, this travel niche comes in the list of most profitable niches.

8. Gadgets and Technology.

Gadgets and Technology

Gadgets and Technology is a hot niche. In this niche every day, you will get new sub-niches, trending topics, a ton of ideas and a lot of related topics.

The biggest benefit of this niche is you can create endless new ideas.

The millions of visitors search daily on their browser about this niche or related topics of Gadgets and Technology.

In the World, every person wants the latest technology devices or gadgets like smartphone, tablet, earphones, headphones, laptop, computer, smart Television, etc.

Gadgets and Technology are part of our life.

Bloggers can write about new technology gadgets like:

  1. Best smartphone reviews.
  2. Latest smartwatch.
  3. Advanced features of Television.
  4. Different types of Gadgets.
  5. List of technology items.
  6. List of electronic gadgets used in daily life.
  7. List of trends technology and gadgets.
  8. Top 10 most influential gadgets of all time.
  9. Cool tech gadgets that are fully integrated with Technology.
  10. Importance of gadgets.

There are a lot of sub-niches and related topics that bloggers can write daily.

This is the best niche for Affiliate marketers for earning a commission. It is proven that Gadgets and Technology are the most profitable niches.

The Affiliate Marketers can promote best technology affiliate programs like:

1. Bitlaunch.

Commission: it offers 20% commission.


Commission: it offers $20 to $60.

3. Gearbest.

Commission: it offers up to 15% per Sale.

4. Newegg.

Commission: it offers 2.5% commission.

5. Microsoft.

Commission: it offers up to 10% commission.


Commission: it gives you 50% commission.

7. Hobbytron.

Commission: it offers you 8% commission.

This is the high paying technology affiliate programs.

You can see the high commission rates of affiliate programs, that’s why I said Gadgets and Technology are the most profitable niches.

Finally conclusion:

In starting only, I said choosing the most profitable niches are difficult but not impossible.

You must have seen the niches are the best for writing content, and they are most profitable. I have mentioned the most profitable affiliate programs of every niche.

I have also mentioned the sub-niches, related topics and commissions of every affiliate programs.

Whatever the niche I have mentioned, all of them are evergreen niches.

Evergreen niches mean they always in high demand in all seasons, months and era.

I hope you have understood this article and you must have chosen the most profitable niches.

If you have any doubts and queries, you can comment down, and I will help you.

FAQ(Frequently Ask Questions)

What is the most profitable niches to make money in 2020 ?

Most profitable niches to make money in 2020 :

1. Fitness and Weight Loss.

2. Relationships and Dating.

3. Finance.

4. Make Money Online.

5. Pets.

6. Skincare and beauty treatments.

7. Travel.

8. Gadgets and Technology.

How do you choose a profitable niche?

Steps to choose a profitable niche :
1. Identify your skills and passions.
2. Research your competition.
3. Test your niche.

What is Subniche?

A sub-niche could be a smaller topic inside an even bigger topic. as an example, if the niche is “weight loss” then a sub-niche may be “weight loss after pregnancy”.


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