9 High-Income Skills that Make Money Efficiently in 2020

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Everyone’s career depends on what type of skills they have.

Skill is very important for any work or job. If you go for an interview, the expert will ask you about your qualifications, talent, ability, and skills.

For doing every work, you need skills. Without skill, you can’t do any work or task.

 Nowadays, many jobs are available on the Internet where your qualifications doesn’t matter except for your skills.

Do you know about Neil Patel? He is a digital marketer. He earns $31 million per year because of its digital marketing skills that make money.

You can also earn that much amount of money. But you need to identify and understand what type of skills you have.

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For you, I have made a list of skills that make money:

  1. Blogging.
  2. Content writing.
  3. Graphics designing.
  4. Translation.
  5. Copywriting.
  6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  7. Web Development.
  8. Photography.
  9. Game development.
  10. Finally conclusion.

1. Blogging


It is one of the best skills that make money. The sky is the limit to making money. If you are thinking of making millions of dollars, then you can make it is not a big deal. But if you are knowing, ability to do, blogging skills, you can make more than a million dollars.

I have seen many people who are making millions of dollars per month.

Don’t believe me; check Arriana Huntington’s earning. She earns $41660000 per month. Check Peter Roja’s earning through his blog. He earns more than $3950000 per month.

It is very difficult to make that much amount of money but not impossible. Even impossible also says
 “I m possible.” These bloggers also are human beings like you and me. This successful bloggers also have the same 24 hours as you people have

So now you also want to make much money through blogging. And looking for a guide of starting a blog, don’t worry and look here how to start writing a blog; this guide will help you most whether you are the expert or a beginner.

If you start your blog, you can help others through your blog post. You can spread your knowledge, ideas, imagination, thoughts, and many more.

77% of internet users read blogs. Just think about the opportunities which you are getting now.

Right now, you can start your blog, and one of the biggest benefits of starting now is the most profitable niches(topics). You can start writing your blog on any niche (topic).
For example, Health, Make money online, Gadgets and technology, etc. These niches are in high demand on the Internet.
Daily readers search on their browsers about these niches.

So make your blog and start making money right now.

2. Content writing.

content writing

Content writing is one of the most powerful skills that make money. It is a skill-based career. No qualifications, no degree, no certificate, nothing is required except your skill and ability.

People who have many thoughts and ideas in mind and express it in their own words can become a good content writer.

A content writer has many opportunities to achieve success in their life.

There are many different types of content writer:

  1. Blog writer.
  2. Copywriter.
  3. Ghostwriter.
  4. Technical writer.
  5. Email writer.
  6. Scriptwriter.

If you become a content writer, then you need skills in content writing.

A high level of the content writer makes $100 k a year.
A part-time writer makes $50000 to $115000 annually.

A freelance content writer charges 0.2 to 0.3 a word.

So if you want to become a content writer and have no idea about how to start a career as a content writer, then look here how to become a content writer; this guide will clear your all doubts and help you become a successful content writer.

But one thing keeps in mind that becoming a content writer is not as easy as people think. If you love to write and you are passionate, then you can become a successful content writer.

Develop your skills that make money by daily reading books and writing articles on any niche (topic).

3. Graphics designing.

graphics designing

Through graphic designing skills, you can make millions of dollars.

Have you ever thought that you can make millions of dollars through graphic designing work?

This is another freelance skill that is in high demand.

Nowadays, freelancing has become a trendy career path for those who can work online.

Many companies want a talented graphic designer. On freelancing sites also the many clients are looking for a graphic designer.

So you have opportunities to work online and make a passive income.

But you need those graphic designing skills that make money.

Here the skills are:

  1. They need IT skills.
  2. Organisational skills and time management.
  3. Communication skills.
  4. Software using skills.
  5. Image editing and photography.
  6. Creative designing.

For graphic designing work, you need a laptop or personal computer and a very important Internet connection.

You can also create and sell your fonts, sell your design templates, sell tutorials, etc. This is another way of making passive income.

4. Translation.


The very interesting job just translate words or text from one language to another language. It is also a freelancing job. By doing this job, you can earn a passive income.

This is the best opportunity to make passive income for those people who are bilingual.

If you are bilingual, then one good news is that some companies are now hiring a talented bilingual people who can do work from home.

Do you know how much money you can make by freelancing translation jobs from $44000 to $50000 per year? You can make more $50000 a year, but you have the experience, ability to work, and skills.

Skills like:

  1. Ability to identify punctuation errors, spellings, and very important grammar.
  2. Excellent language knowledge because you can’t translate a single text unless you understand it.
  3. Knowledge of translating software.
  4. Time management skills.
  5. Sound research skills.

So these are the translation skills that make money, and you can learn these skills easily.

Good knowledge of understanding the languages can make your career.

5. Copywriting.


This skill is very powerful and is in high demand. You can’t think how much money you can make by copywriting.

First, understand what is copywriting.
An easy way is an act of writing to promote products. The copywriters write a text which convinces your readers or customers to take action.

The copywriter writes advertising or promotional materials.

It is one of the most powerful skills that make money. The copywriters make $40 k to $80 k per year. And I have seen many copywriters who make $100 a day. Per hour the copywriters making $25 to $35.

Now I hope you have understood the power of copywriting. You can do the copywriting freelancing jobs from home. I think this is the best work from home jobs.

But for doing these jobs, you require a copywriting skill.

So let’s learn what type of skills does a copywriter require:

  1. Advanced level of English language skills.
  2. Time management skills.
  3. Curiosity.
  4. Excellent research skills.
  5. Understanding your audience.

If you want to learn copywriting skills, you can learn from the sites which offer copywriting skills.

The best copywriter example is Joe Coleman. He is an award-winning copywriter.

6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

search engine optimization

An SEO expert or specialist is a person that knows the process of getting more traffic from search engines.

SEO experts know the process of ranking a website.

Nowadays the many bloggers, many website owners need an SEO expert to rank their websites. So they are hiring an SEO expert through freelancing sites.

You can earn more than $120 per hour, but if you have the ability for doing work, knowledge, and SEO skills, that makes money.

Skills like:

  1. Keyword research skills.
  2. Technical skills.
  3. Excellent writing skills.
  4. Time management skills.
  5. Full knowledge of how the Internet works.

If you have these skills, then SEO can be your career, but you are interested and passionate about the Internet. I have seen many people who made their careers as an SEO expert.

In the future has the SEO expert jobs demand will very high than other jobs.

Brian Dean, Neil Patel, Barry Schwartz are the best SEO experts in the world.

7. Web Development.

web developement

Web development is the process of developing a website by modifying and updating.

Web development is a good career, and it’s a great demand in the job market. You can become a freelance web developer who earns $80000 per year.

The freelance web developer develops websites for their clients based on their needs.

Right now, many clients are looking for a talented web developer. They are ready to pay you $60 per hour.
But if you have the web development knowledge and skills that make money, you can make passive income.

You don’t need any degree or certificate for this job.

You need a laptop or personal computer and an Internet connection for these jobs.

Required skills for Web development:

  1. HTML and CSS.
  2. Javascript skills.
  3. Analytical skills.
  4. Testing skills.
  5. Excellent knowledge of computer.
  6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

You can learn these skills from the available sites on the Internet and offers you online courses.
Sites like Codeacademy, Coursera, etc.

8. Photography.


In this generation, everyone loves photography. If you like taking pictures for fun, then make your career as a photographer. Because in the future, the photographers’ demand will high.

If you are thinking you can’t earn money by becoming a photographer. So you are thinking wrong. You can sell your pictures online, and you can make a passive income.

And now the freelance sites offer a photography job. I think it is a very big opportunity for a person who loves to takes pictures.

Do you know how much a freelance photographer earns per hour?

A freelance photographer earns $20 to $32 per hour. You can find your freelance photography jobs on freelance sites like.

  1. Upwork.com
  2. Freelancer.com
  3. Guru.com
  4. Peopleperhour.com

And many more sites.

For doing this job, you need the best professional camera, laptop, internet connection.

If you want some extra cash, then you can sell your photos online. You can sell your photos on your website. Or you can sell on various platforms.

  1. Adobe Stock.
  2. Shutter stock.
  3. Alamy.
  4. Etsy.
  5. Crestock.

9. Game development.

game developement

Nowadays, video games are becoming more and more day by day. The number of video gamers and video games is increasing day by day.

So here are the many opportunities for a talented game developer. And it is the best chance to make a lot of money.

Let’s understand.
What is game development?
In an easy way, it is the process of creating video games. But don’t think developing video games is easy as you are playing video games.

It is a little bit easy for that type of person who loves to play video games daily. Not understand. Okay.
Let me explain to you if you are playing video games daily to have an idea of its stories, levels, players, control, etc.

But keep in your mind I said it’s a little bit easy, not very easy. And don’t think that you are a video gamer or love to play games means you will be a good game developer.

So how can you earn money?

By freelancing game developing jobs. You can work as a freelancer, but you have to work for your clients. So you can meet with your clients on freelancing sites.

They are ready to pay you $30 to $50 per hour work.

I have seen many freelance game developers earn $65000 to $115000 a year. But they are a talented game developer, and they have game developing skills, that’s why they earn that much amount of money.

If you also have the game developing skills, then you can also earn. It is not a big deal.

Skills like :

  1. Understanding the software.
  2. Knowledge of games and computer.
  3. Analytical skills.
  4. Time management skills.

And many more skills.

So this is the game developing skills that make money.

 How to learn those skills that make money.

Through the Internet, you can learn the skills right; many websites offer you free courses and classes to learn skills.

Sites like Skillshare, Udemy, Codeacademy, and many more websites. You can learn different skills like designing, writing, marketing, photography, programming, etc.
You will get thousands of free and paid online courses for your career and passion on these sites.

The real people who have experience will teach you. Everyone can learn something from these sites, whether they are beginners or experts.

Finally conclusion:

So you have just learned the skills that make money.

In this post, if you noticed the one thing is common time management skills. For every work, you need this skill. You have to manage your time, and it is necessary to manage to succeed in your life.

For doing these jobs, which I have mentioned in my post, you require to develop and learn your skills.

So I hope you have enjoyed the reading. If you have any queries, you can comment down. I will help you.

Frequently Ask Questions

What skills can make you money ?

List of skills that make money :
1. Blogging
2. Content writing.
3. Graphics designing.
4. Translation.
5. Copywriting.
6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
7. Web Development.
8. Photography.
9. Game development.

How do I identify my skills?

Try new things everyday. If you never try, you’ll never know. You’re not visiting find a talent without trying. you cannot just wait and expect them to look. Make it a goal to do an enormous thing weekly.Find things that come naturally and simple to you. If you spend the entire day reading, dancing or drawing then rather than wishing you had talent for something else. specialise in what you’ll be able to do easily.

How do you define your skills?

A skill set refers to a particular area of competence, knowledge, experience and skills required to try to to employment. Some categories for a skill set may include computer skills, communication, time management, research and planning, leadership and accounting.


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